Meet Leanne Cutajar Mallia – Famalco Capital Unit Leader/Accountant

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“At Famalco, you’ll find your second family”

What is the main thing that you love about working with Famalco?

“I derive great satisfaction from the diverse nature of my job, where i am consistently exposed to tasks and confronted with ongoing challenges.

The industries I work in, such as the construction industry, are renowned for their complexity and demanding nature. My role transcends the conventional responsibilities typically associated with accounting and encompasses the task of managing multiple companies within my portfolio.

I highly recommend considering a career working with Famalco, where the synergy among colleagues natures a cohesive work environment. If you value a strong sense of community in your professional journey, Famalco offers an ideal setting for your career aspirations.

Our employees play an indispensable role in our organisation. Without their dedication and hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Famalco’s employees form the foundation upon which our success is built on.

How do you benefit from working with Famalco?

“Employees within Famalco are not confined to a single role throughout their career journey. We encourage a dynamic and adaptable approach to one’s professional journey. Given our diverse organisational structure, individuals have the opportunity to proactively express their interest in role changes or adaptions.

At Famalco, we are dedicated to provide the necessary support and guidance to help you reach your desired goals even if you lack prior experience in a particular role. .We support learning and we understand that every employee requires different processes and timelines to learn a new skill.

If you are hard-working, dedicated and possess a desire for personal growth, then Famalco welcomes you with open arms.”

Is it easy working with Famalco?

“Working at Famalco gives you the opportunity to learn something new everyday. Our group’s diversity ensures the prospect of continuous learning and engaging with fresh challenges.

Should you choose to explore different areas within our organisation, you can expect a smooth transition process. Famalco applies the in-house approach where communication with your superiors is straightforward and any issue or proposition you might have could be done easily.

Despite our extensive workforce, direct communication with supervisors is highly accessible as they actively engage with their teams within the office environment. The close working relationship fosters open lines of communication, making it easier to engage in meaningful discussions.

I prioritize regular meetings with my team to proactively address any emerging matters. This approach ensures that both employees and the head of departments get to understand any concerns there might be and deal with them instantly.”

What’s the role of Famalco?

Famalco is a dynamic and multifaceted group encompassing a diversified investment portfolio spanning across 11 distinct business sectors.

Anchored by an extensive collection of globally recognized and leading brands, this stands as one of Famalco’s paramount assets. Upholding a steadfast work ethic, Famalco has forged cohesive and dedicated centralized teams, continuously refining their approach to value delivery. Our unwavering ambition is to establish ourselves as pioneers in their respective fields.

In the present day, Famalco serves a broad spectrum of industries, including fresh produce, mobility, business solutions, earthworks, logistics, investment partnerships, marketing & communications, retail & hospitality, property development & management, energy & engineering, and real estate services. Beyond the confines of Malta, Famalco has also extended its presence by establishing offices and operations in international markets.

Within the expansive landscape of Famalco, a wealth of opportunities await, both at the inception of your career and throughout your professional journey. Elevate your career trajectory by visiting!