Meet Lyndon Mallia – Famalco Capital Business Team Leader


“Famalco is a very dynamic company, and we’re ready to welcome everyone”

What is the main thing that you love about working with Famalco?

 “I love the adrenaline that comes along with my job at Famalco. My role requires me to be razor-sharp – if I’m required to do something, I have to make sure that it is done spot on time.

Famalco Capital is composed of three pillars, the Centralised Treasury, the Financial Reporting and Analysis, and the Investment Appraisal. I am more focused on the Centralised Treasury pillar wherein, put simply, I have to make sure that the money is at the right place at the right time.

This company is ideal for me as I’m always up for a challenge. One second I find myself financing a property and the next financing the purchase of machinery, making sure that each company within Famalco has the right amount of money.

Famalco cares about the employees’ well-being. We have set up Family Fund to financially help any individual in need. Famalco has even been modernizing and improving the physical place of work.

At Famalco, we strive to ensure that employees do not feel like a mere number, but rather well-respected individuals whose input is always welcomed.”

How do you benefit from working with Famalco?

“By working with Famalco you’re exposed to so many different opportunities. The learning curve here is quite steep.

Here you’ll learn to be emotionally intelligent. As the company is quite big, you’ll have to work with a lot of people and over time you need to learn how and when to approach people.

Speaking at the right time to the right person is key at Famalco.

At Famalco you’re able to grow and expose yourself not just by rank, but even through one’s involvement. If an employee shows determination, delivers, and is solution-oriented, they will surely get involved in more challenging opportunities that are not necessarily related to their field.

Famalco offers a great opportunity to those who are creative and keen on autonomy and diversification.”

Is it easy working with Famalco?

“I’ve been working with Famalco for three years and throughout these years I’ve seen that our employees have to be a doer.

Anyone can fit in with Famalco.

We are quite dynamic and even though the company has grown a lot, decisions are taken fast rather than applying bureaucracy. Any person of Famalco has to be a multitasker and solution-oriented instead of problem-oriented.

The mindset of the first generation of Famalco, whom we call the Directors, is very unique. I don’t know of other companies that have grown so fast in so little time. Famalco is very fast-paced and has that entrepreneurial spirit embedded in its culture.

Nowadays, the involvement of the second generation is focusing more on the restructuring of the company rather than growth.

Each generation doesn’t know how to sit back and order their employees what seems fit but they rather prefer to be hands-on. As a hierarchy, it is quite flat. Within Famalco you’ll see that we apply approachability, from the Directors to any other of its employees.”

Why choose Famalco?Famalco stands as a dynamic and multifaceted conglomerate encompassing a diversified investment portfolio spanning across 11 distinct business sectors.

Anchored by an extensive collection of globally recognized and leading brands, this stands as one of Famalco’s paramount assets. Upholding a steadfast work ethic, Famalco has forged cohesive and dedicated centralized teams, continuously refining their approach to value delivery. Their unwavering ambition is to establish themselves as pioneers in their respective fields.

In the present day, Famalco serves a broad spectrum of industries, including fresh produce, mobility, business solutions, earthworks, logistics, investment partnerships, marketing & communications, retail & hospitality, property development & management, energy & engineering, and real estate services. Beyond the confines of Malta, Famalco has also extended its presence by establishing offices and operations in international markets.

Within the folds of Famalco, a plethora of opportunities await, both at the inception of your career and throughout your professional journey. Elevate your career trajectory by visiting!